Photo Rates - Liam Cotter Photography

Hourly Rates

Hourly rates include photography as well as required editing of images. Eating includes selecting desired images and correcting for exposure values. For more extensive retouching  or "photoshopping" see below. 

Rate 1 - $75/hr Stationary "man with a camera" photographer does not move, shooting relatively stationary subject matter from a fixed distance. (E.G. Panel discussions

Rate 2: 100 Occasional changes of angle or shooting position.

Rate 3: 150+ Shooting in difficult circumstances such as lo light, requiring photographer to move quickly or a great deal.

Extras and Ancillary Services

2nd Shooter(s) Second shooters if required will be billed at a rate of $75/hr per shooter.

Retouching: Shooting does not include extensive retouching, if required, retouching will be booked with trusted partners and billed at market rates. 

Booking, Deposit, Plan

At time of booking the Photographer will work with the Client to developer a Shoot Plan which details the date, time, location, subject, as well as the required equipment, talent and support personnel required for the shoot. It is the client's responsibility to inform the photographer of all needs, rules and desires during the planning phase.

Standard Turn Around Time: 5-7 days from date of shoot unless otherwise agreed upon.

Client is expected to book a a shooting session or sessions of sufficient length to generate requested imagery, allowing for reasonable delays and mishaps. Client will select one of two time schemes in the event of time overruns. 

Set: Client pays for a set number of hours of shooting after a 15-30 minute set up period. At the end of agreed upon time window photography ends unless further instructions to continue are given. (This option minimizes surprises and yields the most definite costs.

Open: Shooting begins at agreed upon time and continues until explicit instructions are given to stop. (This option allows for shooting to continue in the event of extended delays or time overruns. Clients are encouraged to think carefully about time frames and time schemes, as overruns from scheduled time occur at the discretion of the photographer and may incur additional charges.


A deposit of 50% of the final projected bill will be collected when shoot plan is finalized to secure the booking. This deposit will be 100 refunded if the booking is canceled within 14 calendar days of the shoot date. If the booking is cancelled between 13 and 7 calendar days of the shoot half will be refunded. Within one week of the shoot the deposit is non-refundable. l